Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 2, June 2014, Pages 1-197 
Vitamin D And Male Reproduction

Pages 33-40

Haiam A Mohammed; Nora E Abd el-Hamid; Hamada MMZ; El-Badry AA

Hepatic Coccidiosis In Rabbits And Comparative Study On Treatment With Herbal Drug

Pages 41-50

Sabry El Sayed El Sayed Ahmed; Mohga Abdel Razek; Mahmoud El Sherbeny Ramadan; Eman Esmail Mohamed Esmail

Effects of Divergent Selection for Growth on Carcass Traits in Japanese Quails

Pages 51-56

Khairy M. El–Bayomi; Mahmoud S. El-Tarabany; Mohammed A.F. Nasr; El-Shimaa M. Roushdy

Biochemical Effect Of L-Carnitine Against Doxorubicin And Vancomycin Induced Lipid Disorders In Rats

Pages 57-67

Rehab Zaid; Youssef Shehata; Mohamed Dowidar; Haytham Abdallah Ali; Aaser Mohamed Abdelazim

Application Of Recent Methods For Diagnosis Of Foot And Mouth Disease In Cattle And Buffaloes

Pages 81-90

Abdel-Hamed MY; Abou-Zaid AA; Eisa IM; Hiam M Fakhry; Wafaa M I El-Neshwy

The Plastinated Abdominal Muscles of the Goat As A Future Trend In Teaching Anatomy

Pages 145-152

Aly El-Deen A Basset; Hassan A Mohamed; Ahmed M EA Omar; Enas E A Ahmed

Morphological Studies in Cryopreserved Buffalo Bull Sperm

Pages 153-169

Fatma M Ibrahim; Hassan A Mansour; Faten M Labib; Hussein A Amer; Rasha R Beheiry

Molecular, Biological and Biochemical Studies on Obesity in Relation to Antibiotics

Pages 189-196

Doaa M A F; Sydat S A M; Medhat M F; Mohamed F D; Haytham A Ali