Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 1, March 2014, Pages 1-216 
Effects of 6 Weeks Exposure of 3.5 mT (ELF EMF) on Some Animal behaviors in White Albino Rat (Sprague Dawley) Pups

Pages 74-80

Fathy A Mattar; Mohammad H Bareedy; , Mohamed E M El-Dosouky; Mervat S Zaghloul; Marwa S M Mahmod

Fascioliasis in Man and Animals at Sharkia Province

Pages 81-86

Mohamed NM Ali; Magda A Amin; Mohamed SM Nada; Rasha MM Abou-Elez

Effect of Digestive Enzymes on Growth Performance and Some Hematobiochemical Parameter in Pekin Duckling

Pages 93-99

Nesereen A Shawky; Eman S Abd El Hamid; Halla Salah; Adel E Mostafa; Nahad A. Kamoura

Some Studies on The Effect of Lead on Fertility, Some Hormone and Trace Elements in Male Rabbits

Pages 100-107

Eman S Abd El Hamid; Adel E, Mostafa; Nesereen A Shawky; Nahad A Kamoura; Reham R El Rasidy

Molecular Studies on Fluoroquinolone Resistant Mycoplasma gallisepticum Isolates From Broiler Flocks

Pages 118-128

Ahmed M Ammar; Adel M Attia; Norhan K Abd El-Aziz; Sally H Abed El-hafyz; Sahar A Ouda

Statistical Analysis of Biological Survival Data

Pages 129-139

Kh M El-Bayomi; El A Rady; M S El-Tarabany; Fatma D Mohammed

Characterization of Virulence Genes among Multidrug Resistant Salmonellae Isolated from Chickens

Pages 159-172

A M Ammar; A M Attia; Marwa Abd El-Hamid; Nashwa M Helmy; Mona M El-Azzouny

Some Biochemical Studies on Some Blood Constituents in Rats

Pages 173-182

Youssef M Shehata; Khalifa El Dawi Ahmed; Haytham A Ali; Ahmed Elsaid Osman

Class 1 Integron-Associated Multidrug Resistance in Some Food Borne Pathogens

Pages 197-210

AM Ammar; AM Attia; Norhan K Abd El-Aziz; Marwa I Abd El-Hamid; MG Aggour; Azza S El-Demerdash