Effect of Digestive Enzymes on Growth Performance and Some Hematobiochemical Parameter in Pekin Duckling

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The objective of this work was design to study the effect of enzymes on body weight and some blood constituent parameters in Pekin duckling. Sixty healthy pekin ducklings, unsexed one day old, ( body weight of 65.85-66.04 g) were used in this study. Ducklings were divided into three equal groups (20 each). Ducklings in the first group were fed on basal ration only (control group) but duckling in the second and third groups were fed on basal ration with 100 mg and 200 mg multienzymes / kgm ration respectively for 30 day from the 1st to the 30thday of age. All ducklings were weighed individually at start of the experiment and at 1st day post supplementation where body performance was recorded. Five ducklings were slaughtered from each group at 1st and 10th day post supplementation and blood samples were taken for hemato-biochemical analysis.
Multienzyme in both doses induce improve in weight gain, feed conversion rate, significant increase in total proteins, albumin, globulin, total lipid, cholesterol, triglycerides beside insignificant increase in RBCs count, Hb content, PCV%, MCHC, basophils, monocytes, glucose, AST, ALT, ALP, GGT and insignificant decrease in MCV, MCH, leucocytic count, lymphocytes, heterophils, eosinophils, uric acid and Creatinine.
In conclusion, multienzyme in both doses induced improvement in body weight gain and feed conversion rate without adverse effect on hemato-biochemical parameters, therefore its better to use these enzymes in ration of duckling as growth promoters

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