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The Zagazig Veterinary Journal (ZVJ) is a quarterly publication peer reviewed journal. The journal is being published regularly since 1978. It is sponsored by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt.

Current Issue: Volume 51, Issue 2, June 2023, Pages 1-100 

Comparison of Three Different Suture Materials for Toggle Pin (TP) Technique in Induced Hip luxation in Dogs

Pages 129-138

Mohamed Gomaa; Abdelmeged F Elmezayen; Mohamed Fathy Tantawy; Fathy D. El seddawy

Hyperlipidemia: Methods of Induction and Possible Treatments

Pages 169-184

Sameh El Nabetiti; Naglaa Zakaria Eleiwa; Mohammed Ahmed Kamel; Aya Ashraf Fahmy

Productive traits, Biochemical parameters, Meat quality and and the gene expression of these traits in different duck breeds

Pages 185-207

Tamer Mohammed Abdel-Hamid; Mohammed Abel fattah Nasr; Noha Atef Salah Saleh; Wafaa Reda Ibrahim Sherief

Anti-ulcer and gastro protective effects of dexlansoprazole in experimentally induced gastric ulcer in rats

Pages 208-223

Haitham Sami Abd el wahab; Mohamed E. M. Mohamed; Mohammed A. Ahmed Kamel