Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 1-152 
Leptin Gene Expression in Rabbits during Pregnancy And Fetal Life

Pages 1-13

Doaa Kirat; Nora E Abdel Hamid; Wafaa E Mohamed; Mohamed Z Hamada; Shimaa I Shalaby

Aflatoxin Producing Moulds and Aflatoxin Residues in Meat and Meat Products in Egypt

Pages 43-55

Mohamed Nabil Hassan; Atef Abd El Aziz Hassan; Yasmine Hasanine Tartor; Sameh Farouk Ali

Some Biochemical and Bacteriological Studies on Mortality in Newly Born Rabbits

Pages 56-66

El Sayed Masour; Allam HH; El Nabarawy E; Reham RR; Eman S Abd El Hamid

Effect of Some Antioxidants on Some Liver Growth Factors

Pages 77-91

Dwidar MF; Abdel-Megid SS; El-Naggar MIZ

A Comparative Study of the Health Status of Tilapia Fish Through Various Environmental Changes

Pages 92-108

Nahla RH El-Khatib; Nadia Ahmed Abd Elghany; Hanan MA; Gehan Nabil Abd Elwahab

Serological Diagnosis of Camel Brucellosis at Sharkia Governorate, Egypt

Pages 117-123

Eisa MI; Monazie AM; Khoudair RM; El-Shymaa AA

Clinical and Bacteriological and Biochemical Studies on Mastitis in dairy cattle

Pages 124-132

Mosallam TE; Hanaa A Allam; Safaa YS Ahmed; Ahmed AR

Use of Multiplex PCR for Detection of Bacterial Respiratory Infections in Poultry

Pages 133-144

Ahmed M Ammara; Norhan K Abd El-Aziz; Soad A Nasef; Neveen R Bakry; Naira M El Atfehy; Ahmed M Erfan; Azhar G Shalaby

Studies on Effect of Salmonella Pullorum in Balady Chicks and its Treatment with Doxycycline

Pages 145-156

El Sayed Masour; Allam HH; Neseren A, Shawky; Reham El RasHidy; Abdalla S H

Assessment of Relative Potency of Inactivated Pasteurella multocida Vaccine in Poultry

Pages 176-180

Salama SS; Abeer S El-Maghraby; Gina M Mohamed; Ghada M El-Sadek; Germin Sobhy; Amira Abd El-Naby

Bacteriological Evaluation of Soft cheese

Pages 189-197

El-Nabarawy, EA; El-Taher EM; Abo Arab NA

Study on Some Mycological, Mycoplasmal and Bacteriological Causes of Pneumonia in Cattle

Pages 198-207

Rasha MH Sayed El Ahl; El Sayed- M- El Dahshan; Yousreya HM

Quantification of Antibodies in Sera of Vaccinated Chickens against Infectious Bronchitis Virus by Haemagglutination Inhibition Test

Pages 217-224

Soliman IMA; Ekram Salama; Nehal S Abdel Rahman; Eman M Ebied; Hanan A Ahmed; Susan S El-Mahdy

Comparative Diagnostic Studies on Marek’s Disease in chickens by Use of Histopathology and Molecular Investigation

Pages 225-241

Abdel Moniem A Ali; El-Sayed RA El-Attar; Mohamed H Mohamed; Heba M Abdel Ghany