Effect of Organic Acids and Probiotic on broiler Performance, Some Blood Parameters and Control of E. coli

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 One hundred, one-day old broiler chicks were divided into four equal groups (25 each). The 1st group kept as control, non infected,, chicks in 2nd, 3rd and 4th groups were experimentally infected with E coli (0.3 ml via nasal route of cultural suspension of E. coli O78 contain 3X107viable organism/ml) at 20 day of age. Chicks in 2nd, group infected with E coli only. Chicks in 3rd and 4th groups supplemented with 1ml formic acid, 1ml probiotic/ liter drinking water respectively from 1st to 35th day of age and infected with E coli. At 1st day post supplementation 5 chicks in all groups were weighted individually for calculation weight gain and feed conversion rate. Swabes from cloaca and trachea were collected from all chicks for reisolation of E coli. Study the effect of organic acids and probiotic in mortality rate. Blood samples were collected at 1st &7th day post supplementation for hemato-biochemical analysis
Broiler chicks infected with E coli showed typical clinical signs of colibacelosis and mortality rate 24%, A significant reduction in body weight, lymphocytes, monocyts, eosinophils, basophils, serum total protein, albumin, total, a & g globulin and a significant rise in feed conversion rate, leukocytic count, heterophils b globulin, AST, ALT, ALP, uric acid and creatinine levels. Also, beside insignificant reduction in phagocytosis, killing%, IgG, IGA and IgM were recorded. E. coli was reisolated from all infected chicks
Chicks infected with E coli  and supplemented with organic acid or probiotic show less clinical signs, mortality rate was 4% coupled with reduction in reisolation of E. coli associated with significant elevation in weight gain, phagocytosis, killing %, IgG, IGA, IgM, total protein, albumin, a, b  and g globulin beside significant reduction in feed conversion rate and insignificant increase in leukocytic count, heterophils, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophils, basophils, A/G ratio, AST, ALT, ALP, uric acid and creatinine.
It could be concluded that the use of organic acid and probiotic reduced E. coli in digestive tract of broilers and improve body performance, immune response and some biochemical parameters.

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