Some Studies on The Effect of Lead on Fertility, Some Hormone and Trace Elements in Male Rabbits

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This study was designed to determine the most adverse effect of underground well water contain high level of lead on fertility, leukogram and some biochemical parameters in mature balady male rabbits. Sample from underground well water from 10thRamadanCity area and fresh tap water was examined for detection of lead level. Analysis of underground well water sample revealed presence of 0.84 ppm lead but fresh tap water had 0.12 ppm.
A total of 10 mature male balady rabbits were divided into 2 equal groups (5 of each). First group mature male rabbits drink fresh tap water that contains 0.12 ppm lead (control group) and second group mature male rabbits drink underground well water contain that 0.84 ppm lead for 60 successive days. At 61th day all rabbits were slaughtered and two blood and semen samples were taken for determination of leukogram and some biochemical parameters beside evaluate semen characters.
Mature male balady rabbits drink underground well water high in lead show significant leukocytosis, neutrophilia, monocytosis, lymphocytosis beside to significant elevation in serum lead, AST ALT ALP, GGT, total sperm abnormalities % beside a significant reduction in testosterone, T3, T4 level, iron, zinc copper, total protein, albumin, sperm number, sperm motility alive sperm, weight of (testis epididymis, seminal vesicle gland and prostate gland) and insignificant decrease in eosinophils, basophils and globulin
It could be concluded that high lead underground well water induce infertility in mature male balady rabbits beside alterations in leukogram, biochemical parameters and some hormones. So, It is recommended not use underground water due to its high level of lead in rabbits farms.

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