Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 1, March 2015 
Pharmacokinetics of Flupirtine in Dogs and Cats

Pages 1-14

Said A Abdelaziz; Nagah O Edres; Sameh M Elnabtity; M Giorg; Ahmed A Shaban

Pharmacokinetics of Flupirtine in Horses

Pages 15-25

Said A. AbdelAziz; Sameh M Elnabtity; Giorg M; Ahmad A Shaban; Nagah O Edres

Some Morphological Studies on the Lacrimal gland in Sheep (Ovis aries)

Pages 44-59

Hassan Anis; Atif Selim; El-Sayed Basha; Eman El-Bhery

Genomic Characterization of Pigeon Pox Virus in Egypt

Pages 94-101

A H Abd El-Samie; Mohamed S Hashem; Mohamad I Al-Bakry; Manal A

Estimation of Rabies Antibodies in Animal Sera Using Different Techniques

Pages 160-166

Hemmat S A; Amany M A; Shendy M B; Attyat M Kotb