Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 3, December 2015 
Effect of Cage Floor Type on Behaviour, Performance and Carcass Traits of Growing Rabbits

Pages 10-19

Heba S.A. Gharib; Nawar A. Khattab; Mohamed Y.I. Youssef; Al Sadik K. Y. Saleem; Hesham H. Mohammed

MicroRNA-146a and Metabolic Disorder

Pages 20-27

Amany I. Ahmed; Khalifa E. Ahmed; Mohamed M.A. Hussein; Haytham A. Ali

Residues of Ciprofloxacin in Rabbit Tissues by HPLC

Pages 28-36

Maha S Abdel-Hafeez; Ahmed A. Said; Sameh M. El-Nabtity; Elham A. Mobarez

Residues Depletion of Doxycycline in Rabbit Tissues Using HPLC

Pages 37-45

Maha S. Abdel-Hafeez; Ahmed A. Said; Sameh M. El-Nabtity; Elham A. Mobarez; Eslam E. Hamed

Assessment of Food Poisoning Bacteria in Some Frozen Fish and Fish Products

Pages 46-52

Elsaid A. Eldaly; Mohamed A. Elshater; Mohamed A. Hussein; Ayman M. Sharaf Eldin

Effect of Unionized Ammonia (UIA) on Virulence of Clostridium perfringens in Oreochromis niloticus

Pages 64-71

Zeinab M. EL-Bouhy; Gamal El-Nobi; Mohammed E. Hassanin; Afaf N. Abd EL-Rahman

Laparoscopic Tube Cystotomy as a New Trend for Treatment of Obstructive Urolithiasis in Small Ruminants

Pages 72-81

Mohamed Gomaa; Nefissa H. Mekkawy; Mahmoud Abdel Maboud; Fathy D. El Seddawy; Ahmed Monir

Role of Clostridial Species as Causative Agents of Cellulitis in Turkey

Pages 105-114

Hamed A. El-Helw; Yasser A. Abdalla; Elham F. El-Sergany; Hala El-Sawy; Medhat M. Taha; Alaa A. El-Menisy

Pathological, Bacteriological and Biochemical Studies on the Effect of Formic Acid in Broiler Chickens

Pages 135-144

Ezzat H. Abo El -Fetouh; Nesseren A. Shawky; Ghada M. El Khider; Hassan A. Ali; El Sayed Mansour

Interaction of Ceftriaxone with Echinacea

Pages 145-151

Nagah M. Edrees; Sameh M. El-Nabtity; Manal B. Mahmoud; Mohammed S. Badr; Naglaa Z. Eleiwa

Some Pharmacological Studies on Lamivudine in Rats

Pages 152-158

Nagah M. Edrees; Sameh M. El-Nabtity; Gamal A. El-Mowalid; Mohammed S. Badr

Field trials for Treatment of She Camels Mastitis in Sharkia Governorate

Pages 159-169

Esam El Nabrawy; Ehab Hussein; El Sayed Mansour; Magda N. Abd El-Hamid; Reda Zaki

Bacterial Leg Infections in Broiler Chickens

Pages 179-188

Mohamed A. Lebdah; Fatma M. Youssef; Ezz-Eldin A. Elwan