Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 4, December 2019, Pages 340-458 
Aeromonas hydrophila from Fish and Humans: Biofilm Formation and Genetic Relatedness

Pages 340-351

Mohamed E.M. Mohamed; Heba A. Ahmed; Maha M. Rizk; Rasha Gharieb; Shehata A. Abdel-Maksoud

Chemical and Microbiological Evaluation of Raw Buffalo Milk Locally Produced in Sharkia Governorate

Pages 352-363

Mervat Ibrahim; Ali Bahout; Madeha Ayoub; Esmat I. El-Said; Salah F. Abd ElAal

Avipoxvirus in Egypt and African continent: A review

Pages 364-377

Mohamed A. Lebdah; Ola A. Hassanin; Amira M.I. Ali

Clostridium perfringens type A Causing Necrotic Enteritis Outbreaks among Chickens in Egypt

Pages 398-407

Sarah S. Helal; Noura M. Khalaf; Alaa A. El menisy; Mohammed A. Lebdah

Modulatory Effect of Ginger Aqueous Extract against Imidacloprid-Induced Neurotoxicity in Rats

Pages 432-446

Mayada R. Farag; Magdy F. Abou-EL Fotoh; Gihan G. EL-Sayed; Eman W. EL-Sayed