Chemical and Microbiological Evaluation of Raw Buffalo Milk Locally Produced in Sharkia Governorate

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Department of Food Control, Zagazig University, Zagazig City, 44511, Sharkia Governorate, Egypt


A total of 100 samples of raw Buffalo milk including (50 from dairy shops and 50 from dairy farms) were collected randomly at Sharkia Governorate for chemical and microbiological evaluation. Chemical assessment of the milk samples collected from dairy shops revealed that the mean values of Fat, Solid Not Fat (SNF), Protein, Lactose and Salts percentages were 6.06±0.36, 9.08±0.23, 3.54±0.09, 4.73±0.14 and 0.74±0.02  respectively, while dairy farm samples were 6.18±0.31, 9.53±0.44, 3.89±0.09, 5.12±0.15 and 0.78±0.03; correspondingly. Microbiological examination revealed that the mean values of faecal coliforms were 2.03×106 ± 0.75×106 and 1.8×106 ± 0.59×106 in dairy shops and farms,  respectively. The identified species of isolated coliform organisms in both types of milk wereCitrobacter diversus (11.3% vs 11.1%) Citrobacter freundii (9.6% vs 9.6%), Enterobacter aerogenes (12.1% vs 9.6%), Enterobacter agglomerans (11.3 vs 10.4%), Enterobacter cloacae (13% vs 11.1%), Klebsila oxytoca (9.6% vs 11.9%), Klebsila pneumoniae (9.6% vs 10.4%) and E.coli  (23.5% vs 25.9%); respectively. Mean values of total staphylococci were 4.29×106 ± 0.21×106 and 8.08×106 ± 2.27×106 in milk samples of shops and farms respectively.The identified species in both types were S. aureus, S. epidermidis, S. saprophyticus, S. capitis and S. intermedius with percentages of 28% vs 35%, 48% vs 41%, 10% vs 12%, 8% vs 7%  and 6% vs 5%; respectively. It was exposed that 8 strains (28.57%) and 10 strains (28.57%) were identified as methicillin-resistant S. aureus that containing mecA gene. In conclusion, high prevalence of different udder pathogens among dairy animals may attributed to the lack of sanitary conditions that adapted in dairy farm. So, restriction to application of hygienic measures in dairy farms as well as quality control and quality assurance programs should be adopted to get safe and good quality raw milk.


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