Volume & Issue: Volume 45, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 197-304 
Prevalence of Chlamydophila psittaci in some Wild and Pet Birds

Pages 206-217

Ahmed M. Hegazy; Mohamed A. El-sisi; Ola Hassanin; Hala M.N. Tolba; Heba A Baz

Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Studies on Tetracycline Hydrochloride in Rabbits

Pages 218-227

Elsayed A. Abdel Aziz; Mohammed H. Khairy; Sameh M. El-Nabtity; Eslam E. Hamed; Bayan A. Saffaf

Pathological Study on the Role of Thymoquinone in Experimentally Induced Acute Lung Injury in Rats

Pages 228-237

Naif A. Al-Gabri; Abdel-Moneim Ali; El-Sayed AL-Attar; Mohammed Hamed

Influence of Platelets Rich Plasma on Repair of Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon Rupture in Donkeys (An Experimental Study)

Pages 283-291

Mohamed T. Samy; Mohamed S.A. Omar; Fathy D. Elseddawy; Eslam Eisa; Mohamed M.M. Metwally