Evaluation of the Potential Fetotoxic Effects of Tramadol in Female Pregnant Mice

Document Type : Original Article


Pharmacology Department, Collage of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tikrit, Iraq


Tramadol is an opioid analgesic that is used extensively as antinociceptive. This study was designed to investigate the fetotoxic effect of tramadol in female pregnant mice. Fourteen pregnant mice were used in the present study, that were divided two groups, group A, was administered Tramadol by a single daily dose (20 mg\kg B.W.) I\P. 1- 7day of gestation. Group B pregnant mice was kept as a control group, received 1 ml normal saline 0.9%.  After 15 day (organogenesis period) pregnant mice were euthanized and the results revealed that, all the pregnant mice treated with Tramadol, have resorbed feti while the non treated group have normal feti in their uterine horns. Ovaries, corpus lutum, oviduct and uterus were incised and processed for histpathological investigation. The obtained findings of present study revealed that Tramadol at a dose 20mg\kg exerts fetotoxic effects in mice when given during early stage of pregnancy.


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