Assessment of the Duration of Maternal Antibodies Specific to Live Attenuated peste des petits Ruminant Virus Vaccine in Lambs and Kids

Document Type : Original Article


1 Animal Medicine Department, Division of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, 44511, Egypt

2 Virology Department, Animal Health Research Institute, Dokki, Giza, Egypt


Maternal immunity in lambs and kids born from vaccinated dams with peste des petits ruminant (PPR) live attenuated cell culture vaccine was evaluated by using competitive ELISA (c-ELISA). Serum samples were collected from each dam prior to the vaccination to detect the titre of antibody against the infection with PPRV and from lambs and kids on the day of birth, then every 15 days until reach 4.5 months of age to determine the level of maternal antibodies against PPR virus transferred from vaccinated dams to their newly born lambs and kids. Results showed that the antibody titer averages in lambs and kids reach the maximum at one month of age (OD average below 20) then, declined gradually at 105 days in which 80 % of kids still have OD average below 50while 40% of lambs are still protected. So, we recommended the application of vaccine to newly born lambs and kids from immunized dams at 3 months of age by live attenuated PPR vaccine strain Egypt/87 grown on the Vero cell culture.


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