Occurrence of Potentially Pathogenic Aeromonas Species Isolated from Raw and Ready- to- Eat fish Marketed in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt

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Department of Veterinary Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, 44511, Egypt


This study was carried out to determine the occurrence of pathogenic Aeromonas spp in Tilapia fish consumed in Sharkia province, Egypt. Some virulence genes play a role in their pathogenicity (aerolysin- aer and hemolysin - hly) were also determined. A total of 140 samples (raw and ready to eat fish RTE including grilled and fried fish) were collected from markets and fish shops with different sanitation levels. All samples were subjected to microbiological examinationfor isolation of Aeromonas spp. The results showed that Aeromonas spp were isolated in higher percentage (44.3%) in raw fish than those in RTE (15.7%). Additionally, molecular characterization of 20 Aeromonas isolates revealed that 75 and 55% of isolates were positive for the aerolysin and hemolysin genes, respectively. A. hydrophila had higher percentage of both genes than A. caviae isolates. This study highlighted a major threat to public health due to presence of A. hydrophila with virulence genes in both raw and RTE fish. Consequently, it should be ensured fish food safety and safeguard health.


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